File for Custody

Pro Se Program:

Court Watch has compiled instructional packets and forms to help people file a new custody or visitation complaint and modification or contempt motions in Guilford County.  These forms and instructions are designed for parents who are seeking custody or visitation but who cannot afford attorneys.  When you file these forms, you are actually representing yourself, which you have the right to do, and the court system considers you a “pro se” litigant.  Court Watch has adopted that Latin term for our Pro Se Program.

Court Watch can procedurally help you file the forms listed below.  Click on each forms to see whether it is appropriate for your situation.

  1. New Custody/Visitation Complaint
  2. Modification Motion
  3. Contempt Motion

What New Complaint or Motion do I file for my situation? Click here


Once you have determined which packet of forms you need, click on the links below to access the forms.

Print and Complete New Custody/Visitation Instructions and Forms: Click Here
Print and Complete Modification Instructional Packet and Forms: Click Here
Print and Complete Contempt Instructional Packet and Forms: Click Here
NC DSS Child Support Statistics (July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014)
- 416,740 cases state-wide at the end of the reporting period
- $700 million collected in SFY 2012 compared to $714.30 million in SFY 2011
- 86% of cases currently have a court order for child support
- Paternity was established for 306,744 children born out of wedlock
- Majority of parents receiving child support rely on help from Child Support Enforcement (CSE) offices